Sawpoint Company Limited was established in 1984 by Ken Fountain, an experienced saw doctor, to service the printing, plastics, plumbing and manufacturing industries with quality knife grinding.


Sawpoint imported from Germany a Reform brand multi-bevel machine that enables blades up to 4.5 metres in length to be sharpened on any angle between 0-180 degrees. With a magnetic flat-bed that holds the blades by strong electro-magnets, the machine uses soluble oil in water, called an anti-inhibitor that cools the blades as they are sharpened and prevents rusting.


Sawpoint also sharpens circular slitters up to 500mm in diameter.


Sawpoint has a reputation for quality knife grinding, a quick turnaround, and Manager Ken Fountain’s passion for service.


Sawpoint focuses on sharpening blades. However if you need to purchase new blades Ken can guide you through the process so you can do it yourself.


That way there are no markups or additional costs and businesses can deal directly with the manufacturers.


Sawpoint offers a friendly and personal service to businesses where sharp guillotine blades are critical to their operation.

About Us




We focus on sharpening blades and we provide a quality, fast and efficient service to our customers.


We work with our customers to minimise the down time of their guillotines and will help extend the life of blades and knives as long as possible.“

Ken Fountain