Printing Industry


We provide a wide range of sharpening services to the Printing Industry for high speed steel and tungsten carbide blades.


  • Circular slitters up to 500 mm in diameter.

  • Guillotine blades that are part of either offset reel-fed printing machines or sheet fed machines.

  • Guillotine blades for stand-alone guillotines with blades up to 4.5 metres. These blades are made in sections and our machine is capable of sharpening as one piece.

Plastics Industry


We support the plastics recycling industry.


  • We sharpen granulator knives that cut waste plastic into small chips for recycling. Our reform machine can sharpen knives up to 4.5 metres in length.

Plumbing and Roofing Industries


We specialise in sharpening plumbers knives that cut steel products such as roofing iron.


  • Our Reform machine sharpens Plumbers Knives and roofing profile knives.

Manufacturing and Sheet Metal Industry


We provide a service to the manufacturing and sheet metal industry’s need for sharpened shear guillotine blades.


  • We sharpen these high speed steel knives which can be up to 4.5 metres in length.

  • We also provide a service for re-machining V blocks and press brake tooling.